Essentials Etc. - Custom Creations From Our Hands to Yours
Resort Collection
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NEW! Seaside Escape
Beach Charm Bracelet
Price: $25.00
NEW! High Tide
Aqua Blue Stretch Bracelet
Price: $15.00
NEW! Something Blue...
Sapphire Crystal Chandeliers
Price: $25.00
NEW! Sapphire Delight
Sapphire Crystal Cha-Cha
Price: $25.00
Timeless Treasure
Abalone Watch & Earring Set
Price: $25.00
Island Breeze
Pearlized Glass Pendant w/Double Strand Ribbon
Price: $20.00
On The Rocks
Glass Rock Stretch Bracelet
Price: $12.00
Silver Starfish
18" Figaro or Snake Chain Option
Price: $15.00
Choose Your Chain Type:
Rock Island
Authentic Shell Charm Bracelet
Price: $15.00
Ebb Tide Earrings
Black Glass Drop Earrings
Price: $12.00
South Beach Necklace
Mother of Pearl Pendant w/Rhinestones
Price: $20.00
Bottom Bay Bracelet
Passion Pink Crystals w/Black Beads
Price: $15.00