Essentials Etc. - Custom Creations From Our Hands to Yours
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NEW! Radiant Ring
Radiant orchid disc with sterling silver zig zag wire design.
Price: $30.00
NEW! Pearl Cluster Ring
Gifted for The Wendy Williams Show - Fresh Water Pearl Ring w/Crystal and Silver Accents
Price: $35.00
Choose Your Pearl Color:
NEW! Crystal Cha-Cha Ring
Black Diamond Crystals
Price: $25.00
NEW! Cute As a Button
Button Wire Wrapped Rings **You Must Call to Order**
Price: $25.00
NEW! Sapphire Delight
Sapphire Crystal Cha-Cha Ring
Price: $25.00
NEW! Green Eyes
Peridot Crystal Cat's Eye
Price: $15.00
NEW! Pinky Ring
Pink Crystal Cat's Eye
Price: $15.00
NEW! Crystal Cha-Cha Ring
Jet Black Crystals
Price: $25.00
Select Your Crystal:
Stretch Pendant
Stretch Ring w/Pendants
Price: $12.00
Choose Your Pendant:
Streth Your Budget
Silver Plated Stretch Rings
Price: $10.00
SnowFlake Obsidian
Stretch Ring
Price: $12.00
Black & White Wire Wrap
Glass Pendant Ring
Price: $15.00
Black Crystal Wrap
Jet Black Crystal w/Wire Wrap
Price: $15.00