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Embrace Mother's Day Bracelet 

These beautiful stretch bracelets were designed for very elite celebrities moms and of course, for your mom too! The Embrace Mother's Day Bracelet was handcrafted with delicate mother-of-pearl shell beads and accented with antique Bali spacers in between, as well as a lovely heart gemstone pendant dangled. 

NEW! Embrace
Genuine Mother-Of-Pearl Shell Beads with Antique Pewter Spacers and a Gemstone Heart Pendant
Price: $35.00

The following celebrities received Embrace:

2014 Mother's Day Celebrity Gifting1.      Jaime King
2.     Alicia Silverstone
3.     Jennifer Love Hewitt
4.     Tammin Sursok
5.     Halle Berry
6.     Rachel Leigh Cook
7.     Kendra Wilkinson
8.     Gwen Stefani
9.     Kerry Washington
10.   Kristin Cavallari
11.   Drew Barrymore
12.   Emily Blunt
13.   Kelly Clarkson
14.   Ginnifer Goodwin
15.   Olivia Wilde
16.   Christina Aguilera
17.   Scarlett Johansson
18.   Jenna Fischer
19.   Ciara
20.   Shelly Brown (Mrs. Zac Brown)
21.   Alyssa Milano
22.   Mila Kunis
23.   Molly McNearney (Mrs. Jimmy Kimmel)
24.   Elsa Pataky (Mrs. Chris Hemsworth)
25.   Danielle Jonas (Mrs. Kevin Jonas)

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