Essentials Etc. - Custom Creations From Our Hands to Yours

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NEW! Florence Set
Beautiful Red Jasper pendant wrapped in sterling silver with matching earrings.
Price: $70.00
NEW! Peridot Set
Peridot Chandelier Earrings w/Stretch Bracelet
Price: $30.00
NEW! Wired Up
Silver Pendant w/Earrings
Price: $25.00
NEW! Flower Girl
Blue Topaz Flower Stretch
Price: $30.00
NEW! Cha-Cha Mixer
Tiger's Eye Bracelet w/Crystal Earrings
Price: $50.00
NEW! Crystal Cove
Sapphire Crystal Cha-Cha Ring & Chandelier Earrings
Price: $60.00
NEW! Spring Flowers
Crystal Stretch Bracelet & Ring
Price: $30.00
Polka Elegance
Necklace w/Matching Earrings
Price: $35.00
Topaz Crystal & Howlite w/Chain Extender
Necklace w/Matching Bracelet
Price: $35.00
Pewter Pearl Set
Pewter Pearls w/Silver Accent Teardrop Earrings & Stretch Bracelet
Price: $30.00
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